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Photo copyright Lance Cpl. Carlos Jimenez, USMC and used with thankfulness.

   Once upon a teacup...   

Once upon a time, there was a family with two daughters.  Of all the things in the world they loved best to do, visiting the San Juan Islands was tops.

Back when they first started visiting in the early 1970's, things were different.  Mostly, there were a lot of cows.  A lot of fishing boats.  And just a few people.

When they grew older and had lived near and afar, the two daughters realized that the best place of all was that dear, calm island they'd visited with their family long ago, so they moved here for good in 1988.

Over the years, they worked on their property along with the rest of the family, including the oldest and youngest generations of Comptons. 


The family blended teas and decided to share the delicious concoctions they'd created...and to start a micro-plantation of teas and spices, so that people could truly taste the islands. 


The rest, as they say, is history.

Dear Tea Friend,

We want to share with you that feeling from 1988 - when we first moved to San Juan Island to live full-time - we were in in love with everything we saw.  The trees!  The wildlife!  The quiet!  The sea!  We want to share that with you.

The best way we know to do that is to make you a cup of tea.  You supply the cup and water, we will supply the tea.  Make each cup a time of wonder, of reflection. 

Owned by the Compton family of San Juan Island, Tea Salish Sea has been working to bring tea growing to the islands since 2017.  As the first farm in the San Juan Islands working to produce tea commercially, we were instrumental in the creation of the San Juan Tea appellation, and we continue working to ensure that tea growing remains strong and viable here.  We pay it forward, too, with 10% of profits donated to the San Juan Islands Agricultural Guild, in order to support future farmers.

We're also a part of the San Juan Islands Agricultural Guild's Island Grown program, which means that all or a portion of our tea blends comes from right here in the San Juan Islands.  Plus, we are members of the US League of Tea Growers,  so we're counseled by some of the best tea experts in the world.

Life in the San Juan Islands changed that family so long ago - it can change you, too.  With just one cup.  Join us for a reflective tea moment and experience a bit of what makes these islands -and our teas - so special.

The Compton Family

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