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Lavender Earl Grey Tea

Lavender Earl Grey Tea


Luscious San Juan Island-grown lavender is added to the piquant and floral fabulousness of Italian bergamot oil and a medium-bodied black tea in our Lavender Earl Grey Tea.


Earl Grey tea was named after Charles Grey, British prime minister in the 1830's.  Legend tells it that one of Earl Grey's staff rescued a drowning young man, who was revealed to be the son of an important Mandarin Chinese emperor.  In gratitude, the emperor created a finely flavored tea blend specifically for Earl Grey, containing the exotic flavors of bergamot. 


Come into the exotic floral garden of our Lavender Earl Grey Tea today!

  • Tips & Info

    Brewing tip:  Achieve ulimate taste by steeping for 4 minutes at 200°F, just under a boil.  As soon as you hear your tea kettle get quiet, that's the time to pour (and not when it boils).

    A note for all of our teas:  we use a commercial and professional food processing kitchen through the Island Grown program, where other farmers may process and store tree nuts, soy, dairy, wheat and other allergens.  

  • Shipping Info

    We look forward to getting your tea to you!  

    Handling times - generally, orders are shipped out within three days of your order.  If we are still working on blending a tea type that you've ordered, we will contact you to let you know that your purchase is being custom-blended just for you, which can take an extra day or two. We use USPS Priority Mail to ship your tea to you. 

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