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Rosemary Beet Green Tea


Just like a trip to the farmers market, our exclusive Rosemary Beet Green Tea is a scintillating green tea with a punch of bright crimson beets and the zing of rosemary.  So refreshing!  And even better with a kiss of sweetness added - try it iced.

  • Tips & Info

    Brewing tip:  Achieve ulimate taste by steeping for 4 minutes at 200°F, just under a boil.  As soon as you hear your tea kettle get quiet, that's the time to pour (and not when it boils).

    A note for all of our teas:  we use a commercial and professional food processing kitchen through the Island Grown program, where other farmers may process and store tree nuts, soy, dairy, wheat and other allergens.  

  • Shipping Info

    We look forward to getting your tea to you!  

    Handling times - generally, orders are shipped out within three days of your order.  If we are still working on blending a tea type that you've ordered, we will contact you to let you know that your purchase is being custom-blended just for you, which can take an extra day or two. We use USPS Priority Mail to ship your tea to you.