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Little Red Cast Iron Teacup

Little Red Cast Iron Teacup


Our Tetsubin-style cast iron teacup is perfect for serving any of our teas, but we think our Salish Sencha is particularly ideal for its graceful lines. 4 ounce capacity.

  • Tips & Info

    Care of your cast iron teapot or teacup:  after every use, please allow teapot to cool, then rinse and gently hand-clean pot with warm water only - dishsoaps and detergents will cause the finish to oxidize.  Wipe with a dry cloth immediately, inside and out, then turn pot upright to dry completely before replacing lid.  When using, we recommend a trivet underneath the teapot to ensure tabletops and table linens are protected.  

    Do not use in microwave or dishwasher; teapots are only for steeping tea leaves and should never be used to heat water on stovetops or other heat sources.

    Any rust that forms over time may be removed with a gentle brush; please note that rust is natural and nontoxic and the teapot may be used while rusty.

  • Shipping Info

    We look forward to getting your tea to you!  

    Handling times - generally, orders are shipped out within three days of your order.  If we are still working on blending a tea type that you've ordered, we will contact you to let you know that your purchase is being custom-blended just for you, which can take an extra day or two. We use USPS Priority Mail to ship your tea to you. 

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